Potential Trend: Vintage Alphabet Plates

Last month at the flea market, I found a child's alphabet plate and thought, "vintage font and patinated metal... why haven't these caught on?" Seems like just the thing for type nerds!

Alphabet plates are available in materials to suit any decor (or outfit, apparently). While I prefer the rustic, timeworn look of aluminum, I've also spotted a wide range of colorful ceramics and pressed glass. I love the sparkly caned pattern on this one- very Hollywood Regency glam!

Image via eBay

I found this one on eBay and snapped it up for myself!

For now it'll be cute as a catch-all, but I think one day it'll find its way back into a nursery. These plates were made as learning tools for kiddos, and they haven't lost their value: not only do they teach the ABCs, they're a lesson in flea market style!

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Aoife.Troxel said...

And what better to serve in them than alphabet soup?