Here & Now: Vintage Patina

Seems I'm always bringing home neglected antiques. I can't resist a rusty orphan with a story to tell.

All Images by Shock the Bourgeois 

These pictures are also a hint about not one, but two pieces of exciting news that I'll be sharing with you soon... !!! 

I'll leave you to puzzle over that in suspense :D 

3 Have Spoken.:

Anne @ The City Sage said...

Is there a baby on the way?!?!

Aoife.Troxel said...

Aw now, that's just mean ;)
Lovely "orphans." I just got a pocket watch in the post; it has a lovely steam-train on the cover. And it has a wonderful patina...It's the first piece in my "orphanage." I hope it will end up with as many nice pieces as you have :)

Elizabeth said...

Anne... Haha, nope, not jumping on the blogging mommy boat :) No baby (unless you count a project in its infancy!)

Aoife... Pictures! My fellah has a thing for pocket watches, and we have an old one in our cabinet of curiosities.