For the Birds (and for Matilda)

Perhaps fellow bloggers and freelancers out there can sympathize with being tied to a computer all day. I try to make my desk space as conducive to work as possible, but I still find myself staring out the window from time to time... (right about now, for instance).

Luckily there's plenty outside to keep me entertained. A steady parade of passersby, a squirrel who watches the cats and I like we're his favorite sitcom, and a very bossy hummingbird. I'd prefer to keep the hippies at a distance, but I'd love to get a closer look at my tiny bird friend. I'm thinking a feeder outside my window could do the trick.

These are certainly dramatic- I wonder if our hummingbird prefers red or purple?

I like the antique aesthetic of this glass bottle feeder, but we've only got one bird, and this is like a sugar-water big gulp. Maybe it would encourage our little guy to bring some friends to the party?

This one might be the winner. Sweet, petite, and a good way to bring my vintage style outdoors.

My real motivation for setting up a hummingbird feeder? Matilda's enjoyment, naturally.

Back to daydreaming and birdwatching... happy weekend, all!

EDIT: I've switched out the lame blogger video for YouTube- I hope this makes viewing my video easier!

5 Have Spoken.:

Jess said...

i have heard that it is best to have a feeder with a perch - hummingbirds live on such a tight energy budget that it helps them out a lot to have a place to land while they sip.

My dad has a crazy number of hummingbirds at his place...they're such amazing and delicate creatures.

Elizabeth said...

Jess... I've heard the same thing! I'm wondering if I can get away with a perchless option- I've been watching our hummingbird, and he seems to do most of his resting in the tree outside my window, but most of his eating elsewhere in the neighborhood. My thought is that if I provide him with convenient food, he can just chill in our yard all day. We'll see, I guess!

I love watching hummingbirds- they've got such massive attitudes!

Jess said...

Wouldn't that be lovely!

Michele Beesley said...

I've never really liked our feeders, but they do attract hummers...However, I have a green bottle just like the one you have, and this really inspires me. You did attract hummers without something red! (don't like food coloring in the sugary drink, ugh!)

Elizabeth said...

Michele... I haven't tried any of these feeders out yet, for now I'm just researching options. However, my Mom has a bottle feeder similar to the one that I posted, and she said her hummingbirds didn't express much interest in it. Red might be the only way to go!