A Curious Memento

Our Phineas has grown so much since we introduced you to him in May. He's now quite a lapful, and strong enough to make Tildy think twice about tackling him. And he's losing his baby teeth!

I know, this probably elicits as many "ewwws" as "awwws," but I'll be keeping this tiny relic of Phinney's kittenhood in our cabinet of curiosities. I can't help being sentimental! I just adore every tooth, whisker, stripe and spot on this cat. He's something special- so here's to hoping that he doesn't grow up surly like Matilda!

Happy weekend, friends!

2 Have Spoken.:

Aoife.Troxel said...

When my kitty lost her baby teeth (only found one) I kept it. I'm not sure where...My reaction is half 'awww' half 'ewww.'
But Phineas is sooo cute!

Maggie Rose said...

I think my response would be more "ew" if you didn't have it in such a cute little vial! Thisbe was already two when we adopted her, so we don't have any kitten relics, but she does shed claws and leave fur tumbleweeds. Not as cute as tiny teeth! Phinneas is SO cute though I can see why you're smitten!