PB is Flipping Out Too

My Mom sent me this link in an email, saying, "look at the books above the bed!"

Handsomely styled, Pottery Barn- and nice catch, Mom! Everywhere I look, it's backwards books. It's a sign- today I'm going to turn my library around.

2 Have Spoken.:

Aoife.Troxel said...

It looks lovely, but I would be a little worried about being buried while I slept...Love the shelf though, it's gorgeous.
I'm still on the fence about whether to try it out on my tiny (for now) book shelf. It would just be so confusing!

Amy the Spirit Seeker said...

I went part-way with it...I flipped one section on the shelf and am going to see how I like it. So far very calming to the eye, especially against its title-out brethren. If I decide to go all out, I'll post pics to my own (n00b) blog and link back to yours. The book-flipping revolution is nigh. :P