Perfect Hue

Three weeks of waffling over paint chips and an hour at the paint department, and I've concocted the most beautiful color for my kitchen, hall and entry. It's a deep, velvety greige. It's lavender-toned in daylight, lustrous Earl Grey as we turn on the lamps in the evening. I'm obsessed. I'm going to slather it over every bare wall in this place.

Since it's a custom color, it didn't come with a catchy name. Any votes?

2 Have Spoken.:

Anne @ The City Sage said...

I vote "Johnny Town-Mouse". (google it!)

The color is GORGEOUS!

Elizabeth said...


No need to google, I'll merely consult my children's literature collection! That might be the perfect name for this color. Certainly beats out all of the "drab" monikers I'd come up with!