Dare to Dream: Mastering the Bedroom

As confident as I am in my abilities in the kitchen and home office, I can't seem to make it work in the bedroom. Decorating, I mean. 

My bedroom, instead of being my sanctuary, is always the door I shut when I have company over. It's embarrassing! Overflowing laundry, rumply faded sheets, and a bed made of toothpicks (sorry Hemnes, but I'm starting to lose some sleep over your creaking).

Image Courtesy of Paul Joseph Hopper

I've been admiring this bedroom- isn't there something ethereal about the contrast between decadent bedding and bare walls? I can imagine drifting off to sleep under those layers of ruffles, and waking up refreshed in the glow of sunlight. Someday!

Do you have a room you've left until last?

2 Have Spoken.:

Maggie Rose said...

Our bedroom is about half finished, as is our dining room. However, there are things we can do in our dining room that will be little to no cost, whereas our bedroom will be some more costly changes. So it will be last, probably. We hung curtains and we painted... otherwise it's just the same stuff from my last apartment, no duvet cover, an IKEA chair heaped with clothes. Tres elegante. The dining room at least gets good light and has fewer cat hair tumbleweeds.

{g} said...

oh this bedroom is gorgeous! adore the casually strewn look of the bed -- so perfectly cozy -- suddenly feel the need to re-decorate...