Happy Weekend

I'm closing out this week with a sigh of relief. Without getting into particulars, these last few days have been cruel. Even if it's nothing more than symbolic, I can't wait for Saturday.

I thought I'd wrap things up with a favorite (albeit melancholic) poem...

And I'll send you off to brighter spots in blogland... like this jaw-dropping sneak peek at Design*Sponge, a home-cooked meal (that's way beyond my skill level!) at loving.living.small, the introduction of Ted at Maison21 (congrats, Christian!), the new Lonny, and heck... everything that Oh Joy! has posted recently.

Here's to a lovely weekend!



3 Have Spoken.:

Galit said...

This poet is so great! Love the melancholic sound of it. Suits our gray weather.
Hope you had a brighter weekend! xx

Ann said...

I hope the weekend has been kinder to you than the week had been.

You are amazing... even when life sucks, you (and this blog) are positively luminous.

Elizabeth said...

Galit... Isn't that poem lovely? It's just right for savoring in a moment of moodiness.

Ann... YOU are amazing. I appreciate the happy thoughts!