Summing Up My Style

Ally at From the Right Bank is holding another round of "What's Your Style in One Picture." I decided I was up for the challenge this time around. 

Image Courtesy of Domino Magazine

I spent an evening searching through my image archives (and doing a bit of soul searching as well), and I kept coming back to this library. Books will always be a focal point of my design aesthetic, and I dream of showcasing mine in a soaring bookcase like this one. Isn't this the perfect reading room? A tufted leather sofa to recline on, the crisp daylight to illuminate each new page, the expansive white palette to fill with imaginings. I love the classic bones of this salon, and the cheeky details- the stately bust, the diminutive topiary, the sly bar set-up, the rat in the glass case! My style precisely.

Too much fun- thanks Ally!

3 Have Spoken.:


Glad you had fun with it! This space is super elegant and I absolutely love it. That couch has long been on my wishlist. Thanks for participating! Have a great weekend!

Jane Flanagan said...

This is so great and so you!! Love it.

Things That Inspire said...

Love this picture...I have never seen it before. Beautiful!