Best Things in Life

When I was a freshman in college (and away from home for the first time in my life) my Mom sent me dozens of postcards. I remember how reassuring it was to find one waiting for me in my otherwise empty mailbox.

This one has always been my favorite.

Illustration by Simon Drew

On the back she's written, "hope you're feeling a little brighter today and your outlook is cheerier." Years later, when I'm feeling worried and overwhelmed, this happy thought in familiar handwriting is just as comforting. Plus, I do love me a green-eyed tabby cat and a clever pun.

Speaking of handsome kitties, I've just entered this photo of Phineas in a contest on Martha Stewart's website. The prize is a year's worth of kibble, and I'm thinking it's about time that one of these spoiled cats of mine started bringing home the bacon! 

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Maggie Rose said...

Haha, I always tell Ryan (when we're talking finances), "Geez, when is Thisbe gonna get off her lazy butt and get a job?" Which usually leads to us brainstorming how she could be the next LOLCat and make us millions. We'll be such great parents someday ;)