Setting the Table: Easter Weekend

Adam and I spent Easter celebrating a completely different religious holiday: the resurrection of baseball. We went to our first game at Giants' Stadium in San Francisco to watch the Mariners play. The few fanatics who turned out for the game huddled under the upper decks for five innings of pouring rain, freezing wind, and very sloppy baseball. I said a secret hallelujah when the game was called!

Easter is the one day each year when my obsession with rabbits is in the least bit acceptable. Luckily we held a Good Friday dinner at our apartment and I got to indulge in a bit of Springtime decorating. 

The bunnies were out en masse.
I went for a picnic look with lots of flower pots.
Great Grandma's pretty party napkins.
Some finishing touches.
Fresh greens and pastel colors in Adam's salmon alfredo. 

We've been having awfully blustery weather in the Bay Area, so I'm doing my best to bring a garden party feel to my dining room!

Hope everyone had a happy (and dry) Easter! I'm sure this Monday morning found you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, right? Ha. If you're feeling anything like I am, you're wishing you could skip out of work and hop right back into bed...

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3 Have Spoken.:

Jane Flanagan said...

Everything looks beautiful!!!

Magchunk said...

I love that you can say "for more bunny posts". Haha. Looks very sweet - the napkins are beautiful!

Elizabeth said...

Jane and Maggie... Thank you! I use any excuse I can get to break out the fancy linens and rabbit figurines!