Stranded Without an Island

Our new apartment's kitchen is the largest and most functional that we have ever had. We have a double sink with a disposal (neat), a dishwasher (convenient), and a range hood (a godsend for anyone who doesn't want their entire apartment and all fabrics within to smell of crispy bacon). We even have enough outlets to make four slices of toast, blend a smoothie, mix a batch of batter, grind some beans, pull an espresso shot, and fire up the George Foreman all at the same time. It's a modern miracle.

The only real problem is that the above-mentioned appliances take up a lot of prime countertop real estate, and the space that remains is ill-suited for an active kitchen: a lumpy surface of uneven tiles with cracked grout. It makes for a wobbly cutting board and an anxiety attack every time something spills.

So, Adam and I set off in search of an island. We explored Ikea, but didn't find the blonde wood or stainless tables particularly appealing. I ventured into Craig's List and found even less appealing Ikea cast-offs. And then, I landed on the Crate & Barrel website.

Oooh la la. The Carrara marble top is practical and gorgeous, the structural base is ideal for storage but still elegant, and it's a comfortable height for my tall chef. Naturally it's a ways out of my budget. Quite a ways.

My attempt to find a less expensive option was a bust: I found beautiful alternatives, but they're in Illinois and at least five times the price. Oops.

Custom-made reproductions by Old Plank Road Antiques

I turn to you, Dear Readers! Any ideas for an island alternative? If not, I'll be forced to haunt Crate & Barrel Outlet for a damaged floor model...

*le sigh*

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Magchunk said...

Funny, we've actually been watching Craigslist for an IKEA island (we like the standing one, not the wheeled one). So I don't have any great suggestions... Maybe a restaurant supply store?

Elizabeth said...

Maggie... I can definitely see a modern island working for you. I see those pop up on Craig's List all the time, so I think you'll score one eventually! A restaurant supply store is a good idea- and I bet I could sucker Adam into shopping with me!