The To-Do List

Adam is off on a business trip to Chile, which means that...

a. Calling my boyfriend would set me back $3.49 per minute. 
b. I'm home alone with a demanding cat and an even more demanding to-do list.
c. I better get one helluva souvenir.

It's not all bad though, because...

a. I'm going to eat all of the ice cream I want.
b. I'm going to sleep diagonally.
c. World traveler Adam has forfeited his right to veto the paint color for the living room. Ha.

Anyway, I'm treating myself to a leisurely morning before I crack open a can of paint. Leisurely but productive, as I'm researching options for coat storage.

The Twig Coat Rack from Pottery Barn, $199
 The Twig Coat Rack from Z Gallerie, $139
 The Twig Coat Rack from Grandin Road, $99

I think we have a winner with that last option- definitely an improvement on our current practice of stashing coats on the backs of my dining room chairs.

3 Have Spoken.:

Maggie Rose (Magchunk) said...

The last one is definitely a winner. Just as cute as the PB one at half the cost!

What color are you painting?

I love sleeping diagonally! If I go to bed before Ryan he usually has to move me when he comes to bed hours later (dang video games). It's so much more comfortable for some reason!

Elizabeth said...


I know, isn't that price unbelievable! Too bad they're backordered until next month, ugh!

I sent my camera off with Adam for the week (he has promised to take pictures of Chile for me), but when he's back I'll be posting pictures galore of my painted rooms (or room, at the rate I'm going).

denise, the prime magpie said...

I'll bet you can find something awesome at a secondhand store. I went on an antique bender the other weekend and I saw several coat racks. I think because they were more commonly used years before, you can readily find them in secondhand or antique shops. I wonder if there are antique bottle trees that are big/tall enough to hold coats? I love those.