A Vanity- For Him

Last week I spotted this beautiful photograph by Helen Norman featured at Good Measure.

Photograph courtesy of Helen Norman, Via Good Measure blog.

It's an antique gentleman's shaving stand- one part utilitarianism to one part narcissism. Perfection. A quick search turned up a few other results, some of which are actually in the Bay Area (though none of which have the pared-down elegance of the inspiration image). 

Victorian shaving stands in various levels of frill.

Of course, since Adam's rocking a mountain man beard a shaving stand would need to find a new form of employment around our house. I'm thinking that it would do quite nicely in our little entry- for that last lipstick touch-up and a practice smile before I grab my keys and dash out the door to an interview.

Definitely something to add to my flea market scouting list!

3 Have Spoken.:

Lisa said...

I love the last one - the one with the box attached. That it's a little battered and looks a bit scientific really appeals to me.

Pink Pig said...

All quite unique like your blog. I enjoyed the read and your inspiration. Thanks!

Elizabeth said...

Lisa... I liked that one as well! It has sort of a hospital aesthetic, eh?

Pink Pig... You're too sweet, thank you! Hope you'll stop by again :)