Seeking Guest Posts!

Between creative gigs, wedding planning, a bachelorette party weekend, and actually going to the chapel (eee!), I'm going to be a busy girl this summer!

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I've got a cat-sitter lined up, but I need someone to watch over my blog. Would you like to be a guest blogger at Shock the Bourgeois? I'm now accepting submissions for posts to be featured while I'm off galavanting next month. 

Guest posts should...

  • Be original, not previously published elsewhere.
  • Stay consistent with the curious aesthetic of Shock the Bourgeois.
  • Include between one and five images (500 pixels wide, and properly credited).
Email your submissions to shockthebourgeois@mac.com. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

2 Have Spoken.:

denise, the prime magpie said...

I hope to submit a guest post, but oh man, you set the bar high -- so much loveliness on your blog! By the way, I LOVED your handmade invite post from April. Would love to come up with a post that combines all the favorite things... maybe an original illustration. hmmmm...

Elizabeth said...

Denise... I would be beyond honored to have a guest post from the Prime Magpie! Or several! As you can see, this poor blog gets awfully quiet when I'm jetting around :D