Find: A Handsome Rogue

We only sprang for two items at the June Alameda Flea, but it was by far our heaviest haul yet. I carted this metal horseman statuette home...

He's in rough shape and missing a few of his accessories (a rope, the horse's reins, and a short sword, judging by this example, or an unfortunate coat of paint a la this guy), but I think he's still quite a dapper fellow. He and his steed will make a handsome addition to our decor.

Our other find (also quite a hunk of metal) needs a little tweaking (and perhaps some rewiring) before it makes its debut on the blog. I'm looking forward to making a trip to the hardware store for this project!

I'm sharing other things that caught my eye on the Shock the Bourgeois facebook page today. Did you go flea marketing or thrifting this weekend? Share your finds on the StB Wall!

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