Dare to Dream: In the Stars

I'd so love to have this piece on my wall, for stargazing on cloudy nights.  

Andromeda by Toshiyuki Enoki

I don't suppose I have any Japanese-speaking readers who'd visit the Toshiyuki Enoki blog and tell me more about the artist (or better yet, tell me how to acquire a print)?

3 Have Spoken.:

andrea despot said...

not sure if you know yet, but i loooove astronomy and stargazing and whatnot! and i love this print! i actually stumbled across that blog a few weeks ago and obviously couldn't understand it and couldn't find links to the original artists :/

Elizabeth said...

Andrea... I can lose all track of time staring rapt at the night sky! The artist is Toshiyuki Enoki, and the blog appears to be written by him as well. Unfortunately, I can't find much information about him in English, other than some of his pieces have been sold in auctions. I'd love to know where he studied- the fairy tale theme and apparent Klimt inspiration fascinates me!

andrea despot said...

ah! okay, for some reason i just assumed it was a collection of different artists and images since the format reminded me of a tumblr blog.