Here & Now: Rabbit Multiplication

My collection of white ceramic rabbits is multiplying like... rabbits. You've already seen the little bunny hidden in my kitchen, and I've got my rabbit soap dish out again. Here are the newest to join the brood (luckily they're pitching in around the apartment).

I spotted this roly-poly rabbit at Pottery Barn and wheedled my Mom into buying him for me. She couldn't say no to this face (the rabbit's, not mine). He has the very important job of dispensing licorice jellybeans. If he could keep Adam out of them, he'd be much more useful.

This one was a Christmas gift from Mom, who (having been in cahoots with Adam) knew that I was getting something sparkly. He very sweetly wears my ring on the rare occasions when I take it off!

Who's joining the family/collection next? Hopefully this guy, who's on our registry...

Apilco Hare Casserole Dish from Williams Sonoma

He'll fit right in, but as far as utility goes- he's going to have to find a new occupation, because it's highly unlikely I'm cooking rabbit anytime soon.

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andrea despot said...

i love the ring holder! i put my engagement ring on the trunk of an elephant statue when i sleep at night :)