Drawing Up a Business Plan

I've decided it's high time I had a real business card (though I've yet to determine what my title should be, hmmmm). The plan is to craft my own design and letterpress the cards with my Epic 6. I've been flipping through my rolodex (okay, fine, I don't really have a rolodex) for inspiration. My head is so full, I don't know how I'm going to cull it all down into 2.5 x 3 inches.

Business cards with an illustrative quality always draw me in...

Click on any of the delightful business cards above to be directed to their websites.

Speaking of business, I've got a little blog business to attend to this week: I'll be posting a reader survey to get your opinions on schedule, advertising, and the future look of Shock the Bourgeois. Will you chime in?

5 Have Spoken.:

andrea despot said...

i love the illustrated look of these as well! so intricately-detailed and charming. i especially love that first one!

kalin said...

I should send you a pic of my card. It's the prettiest substitute teacher card ever.

And it stands out in a sea of ugly vistaprint cards. That was my main goal.

silvii tron said...

I'm not sure if you've come across this blog post but I thought it was interesting to see examples of non-traditional business cards.


Especially for creative types like yourself, you can put a twist on your own business card by not only playing around with the typography and illustration but also the shape.

Natalie said...

Illustrated and letterpress business cards are the BEST. I have a stack from here and there that I've kept, just because.

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