Under the Tree: Victoriana

Another installment of fabulous things Elizabeth got for Christmas. This time, presents with a Victorian flourish from my Mother. As I've shown you before, she truly is a masterful giver of gifts.

This quartet of tiny embellished bowls will certainly do my table proud. Standing on swirled pedestals, they're like miniature stages for Adam's creative sauces and garnishes. 

However, they're also a brilliant match for another gift I received...

Isn't that bracelet gorgeous? Moody cameos in shades of fog and inky black, and feminine trimmings on brassy chain. It couldn't have been more "me" if I'd made it myself!

Don't they seem made for each other? Now I'm tempted to leave one dish on my vanity desk to catch stud earrings and charms!

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Anonymous said...

I meant to tell you that I *loved* your bracelet on NYE. It looks even better now that you've styled it for photos!