Under the Tree: Potent Gifts!

I'm a bit late to it this year, but I thought I'd continue a tradition and share some of the gifts that I found under the tree. Because, let me tell you, I did pretty well. 

First up, some gorgeous updates to our bar from my favorite brother. Last Christmas Drew amazed me with this tidbit stand, which makes frequent appearances at cocktail parties. I'm beginning to wonder if Drew reads this blog, because he seems to have a darn good understanding of my taste. Look at this clever corkscrew!

To top things off, he gave me this set of beautiful architectural stoppers. I think a wine & cheese party is in order!

And, for Adam, this bottle of wine. Not only is it the natural companion to my gift, the elemental label is a chemistry reference! Perfection!

Who would've thought that a college-aged frisbee-playing younger brother could be such a thoughtful gift-giver? You're a man of many talents, Drew. Thank you!

PS: Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your kind words about our engagement! Get ready for the first of many wedding posts tomorrow...

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andrea despot said...

okay, all of three of these gifts are amazing!!