Dare to Dream: My Cup of Tea

My girl Kalin is a helper. Not only does she write an excellent blog about food and beer and more food (with recipes I can try at home), she also helps me update my wish list.

A link to these absurdly cute teacups appeared in my inbox the other day, and now, regardless of cost, I must have them.

Imm Living Hidden Fox & Owl Teacups

Very helpful, Kalin.

3 Have Spoken.:

denise, the prime magpie said...

These totally remind me of coffee mugs that did something similar, but they were painted and a little more cutesy, not as clever and wry as these little guys. I would have tea and scones with these wee critters any day!

Diane aka Mom said...

Those are adorable, but I'd be afraid to stir my beverage for fear of harming the little creatures with the spoon!

kalin said...

i am a helper!
(ps i got a new kitten. your turn!)