A Little Something for the Girls

Matilda is really missing her mini-wire-haired-doxie friends, Ella & Paige. She sent me on an errand to George on 4th Street to pick them up a special present.

I came home with this.
He's got a squeaker for Paige, and eight legs for Ellie to tug. 

Tildy and I think he's tremendous. Hope the puppies agree!

2 Have Spoken.:

Laura said...

Hi Elizabeth-
I just want to tell you that I've been following your blog (that I just stumbled upon in the blogosphere) for a few months and I think it is really cute...keep up the good work...I'm consistently checking back for new entries.

A Seattle fan, Laura

Elizabeth said...


Thank you! I hope you'll keep following along- I've got lots of improvements scheduled for the next few months. I'll be checking in on your bungalow progress- it's making me homesick for Seattle!