Happy Friday, RIP Camera

In my mind, blogging requires only a few basic materials. Ideas, camera, computer with internet connection. It seems like my poor bloggy has been wobbling for the last few months- the iffy internet during my move, a bout of severe writer's block, and now... no camera.

This weekend I'm using my handy-dandy iPod to shoot a few videos around the house of War-Lock. Perhaps a tour of my newly painted living room or neatly organized closet? Exciting, right?

Until then, here's what's inspiring me...

Victoria's industrial-chic herb garden
Image Courtesy of sfgirlbybay

This. (No more explanation required.)
Image Courtesy of ethanollie via simple blueprint

And the very last snaps taken with my defunct camera at the Ace Hotel in Portland
Images "Courtesy" of Deceased Camera

Until Monday,


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Maggie Rose said...

RIP Camera. The inspiration pictures are great though, and I can totally see you incorporating the first two into what I've seen of the apartment so far. Haven't seen the bedrooms so it's hard to say on the last one but I have no doubt in your abilities :)