If you're particularly observant, you might be wondering what that itty bitty icon at the bottom of my page means (scroll alllll the way down!).

Well, when curiosity got the better of me, I signed myself up for Blog Rankings. I am, thus far, sitting rather glumly at #154. Note that I'm getting outranked by blogs dedicated solely to down comforters and flameless candles (you are so NOT my friend if you're clicking those links, haha!). This is not really doing wonders for my self-esteem.

But now is not the time to curl up in a dark corner of the internet and cry! Now is the time to shamelessly self-promote!

Over the next month you might notice a few changes over here at Shock the Bourgeois. I'll be tweaking the look of this page, getting back to basics with Craig's List Room Design & Fixer features, and adding a brand new column by my very own personal chef!

If you like what you're seeing (or heck, if you hate it) let me know. Leave me a comment, or email your questions and suggestions to shockthebourgeois@mac.com. I'm listening!

If you love what you're seeing, tell a friend, add me to your blogroll, shout my name from your rooftops... (okay, maybe that's reaching a little bit). I'm thrilled to have found an outlet for all my pent-up creative energy, and I'd love to share my ideas with others and make some friends in the process!

2 Have Spoken.:

Lori said...

I love to visit your blog every day, and enjoy your perspective, and creative ideas. Your guest chef idea is exciting - now if you could only find a way to transmit aroma and taste over the internet....

Anonymous said...

I'm making your page my homepage. That should push you into the top 140 easy.