Girl About Town Reportedly Engages in Shenanigans

Try chicken, feta, cilantro & raspberry pizza from Zaw at the Market.
Decide to maintain a boundary between dinner & desert henceforth.

Feast at Oliver's Twist with Adam and ex-housemate Kelly.
Prove that 3 amiable people will fight for their proper share of truffled popcorn and brioche with Seastack & bacon compote.

Confirm Kelly & Adam to be decidedly off-kilter. Adam in particular.

Entertain visitors. Briefly.

Chef Wargacki unveils Basque omelette invention. Accolades to follow.

Step out in penny-colored loafers. Extreme metallic sheen qualifies as shenanigan.

Apartment decorated in patriotic fashion.

Boy catches up on reading, Girl attempts to catch rays. (Fails, supplements with sunless tanner.)

Become only childless couple to claim viewing spot at Wallingford Park.
Dubious honor. Adam attacked by off-leash two-year-old.
Ooh and ahh sedately amidst dozens of high-pitched shrieks.
Enjoy selves immensely.

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