Guest Post: Dark Romance

Today I'm thrilled to share a guest post by the lovely Andrea Despot, a gifted photographer and blogger who shares in so many of my interests and curiosities. How do I know we have so much in common? For starters, we love black lace! In fact, I'd bookmarked several of the images in this collection to use for a companion post to my dusty lace inspiration board. Absolutely uncanny- and proof that when Andrea makes her move to the Bay Area, we are sure to be fast friends!

When trying to figure out what to post here on One Must Shock the Bourgeois, I looked to my own folders and Pinterest boards for inspiration. Elizabeth and I both share a love for quirky, romantic things so I figured it would be easy for me to find something appropriate. Hence: black lace. It's a mixture of gothic inspiration and intricate romanticism and I have a feeling that Elizabeth would really appreciate it. Maybe she's even incorporated one or two of these ideas in her own wedding! 

Images (Clockwise from Top Left): Amy Claire via PinterestWhite OwlBHLDN via PinterestJames Moes via Pinterest
Images (Clockwise from Top Left):  Kate Forrester Calligraphy via PinterestTamara LichtensteinOh My Cavalier!Family Chic via Pinterest
Image: Jamie Beck

Thank you, Andrea!

5 Have Spoken.:

Krystal said...

you def found all the prettiest darkest romantical things :)

andrea despot said...

thanks for having me, elizabeth!

Charlotte said...

Lace is romantic AND sexy. Best of both worlds!

Monica {bohemian twilight} said...

adore black lace. no other colour will do.
these are all gorgeous and i love that you included lace-like scrolly things too.

offset printing said...

All things black are really romantic. I think the lace is very sexy and posh. I mean everything's really fabulous and wonderful.