Tablescaping for an Impromptu Occasion

Hello my friends... I'm back from my Summer adventures and (though absolutely exhausted) eager to make up for lost time on the blog- so you, lucky readers, get two posts today! First up, you can find me at Maggie Rose with a tablescape that makes the most of an inexpensive bouquet...

My arrangement of spider mums has been an appropriately festive touch, because we have much to celebrate in the WarLock household. For one thing, today is my birthday (not that 26 merits any particular excitement), and for another... Adam and are officially married! Between those two items, I have plenty to talk about in my second post today. Check back later for some pretty pictures of our little ceremony (the "Part One" of our wedding festivities) and the lovely gift my fellow gave me today.

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charinthecity said...

Congratulations! Enjoy being newlyweds.