The Summer Garden

Did everyone have a happy 4th (and hopefully, a long weekend)? Adam and I tried to put a three-day break to good use. On Saturday we hiked 5 miles through a redwood forest, on Sunday we walked the rows at Alameda in 80ยบ heat, and on Monday we could hardly get our exhausted, aching selves off of the couch! 

If you stopped by Maggie Rose to see my tablescape last week, you probably noticed (and perhaps oohed/ahhed over) the bunch of freshly cut flowers decorating my Mom's table. Gorgeous- and merely a sampling of what's blooming in the back yard. Now that I'm back to my weedy plot in Berkeley, I thought we might all enjoy a walk through my family's garden.

Ah, if only there was one more day in the weekend. I could use a relaxing afternoon in the shade to recuperate!

Today my Facebook and Twitter followers will get pictures of my favorites from the Alameda Flea... are you following?

6 Have Spoken.:

jessi said...

what kind of flowers are those in the first picture ? they're beautiful <3

Elizabeth said...

Jessi... Those are peonies, one of my favorite flowers!

jessi said...

aha ! i was just thinking about peonies the other day, about how i couldn't really remember what they looked like except remembering feeling like they were gorgeous. hehe, thank you #problemsolved

it's funny how it's three degrees of Shock the Bourgeous, as what sparked the train of thought was loving a torn out magazine page of a floral arrangement ("of potentially peonies?" i pondered) on the pinboard in the background of a picture of Maggie Rose on an Apartment Therapy hot post round-up. http://bit.ly/pm62PK

jessi said...

and i absolutely love the architectural chest you found at the alameda flea ! it reminds me of this Fornasetti dresser which is firmly planted on my fantasy wish-list: http://i52.tinypic.com/vqmuf5.jpg


Elizabeth said...

Jessi... I LOVE that dresser. Love it!

andrea despot said...

wow, talk about a perfectly lush, green, and colorful garden! your 4th of july weekend sounds perfectly summery - i was in ohio for mine visiting family and then back home doing nothing - i had the entire week off work, so i'm really not liking being at work today :P