In Bloom: Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are blooming around my neighborhood now, in white, chartreuse, periwinkle, and icy blue. But up the hill, just around the corner from People's Park, and planted outside an odd little cottage that makes me think of Alice in Wonderland, are these orbs of deeply saturated pink.

Apparently the coloration of hydrangeas is dependent upon the acidity of the soil. So now I have a half-joking explanation for this psychedelic color: they're high on acid. That's Berkeley for you.

I've been taking pictures of the hydrangeas in all of their hues (whether trippy or subdued), which I'll be  sharing on the Shock the Bourgeois facebook page today...

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andrea despot said...

these pink ones are so shockingly pretty! i've heard about the acidity affecting the soil (and i love your little analogy). this is what the ones in our backyard look like: