Here & Now: Right Outside my Door

Yesterday we took a stroll through my parents' lush garden in Edmonds, Washington. I'd love to be able to follow up with a tour of my own Edenic landscape, but I don't have one! Alas, we have exactly the kind of outdoor space you'd expect from an unkempt and ugly four-plex: like the apartment, the yard has gone to seed. It is, on the whole, scraggly, weedy, and uninspiring... save for one thing, just outside our front door.

This treehouse in my neighbor's backyard lends a little charm and imagination to our outdoor space. There aren't any kids next door, so the treehouse is a bit overgrown, and mainly enjoyed by squirrels. I entertain amusing notions of hosting club meetings up there, Calvin & Hobbes style, but I'm fairly certain my neighbors (and their dog) might take issue with that!

2 Have Spoken.:

jessi said...

how magical ! love it :)

andrea despot said...

how awesome! i've always wanted my own tree house, even now :)