Setting the Table

Last weekend Adam and I got over a major hurdle in our new apartment: we actually invited people inside. This wasn't just the first time we'd entertained, it was also the first time in weeks we'd eaten something other than macaroni and cheese. Definitely an occasion for a pretty table!

A guest brought us calla lilies cut from his own yard.
They were a perfect complement for the table (and a perfect compliment to the host!).

Adam decided to serve his chilled flank steak on a bed of wild rice, garnished with bleu cheese crumbles, mint leaf chiffonade, and a drizzle of pomegranate balsamic reduction. I assembled my tablescape with the textures and colors of the food in mind.

Fresh and airy linens for a simple Spring meal.
Red glass bowls with the same color and gleam as Adam's pomegranate & vinegar syrup. 
Scalloped feather placemats to match the confetti neutrals of the wild rice.
Crisp white plates, sparkling glassware, and some tarnished silver for a rustic touch.
An elegant table- just the thing to keep the focus on the food (and off of the last pile of moving boxes in the corner!).

2 Have Spoken.:

Magchunk said...

Looks gorgeous! I am swooning over your chairs! And trust me, we've been looking for new dining chairs and I don't like ANYTHING. More pictures? Pretty please? I must investigate these chairs for thrifting research purposes!

Elizabeth said...

Maggie... Thank you! I'll post some pictures tomorrow- would you believe they were a Craig's List find?