California Dreamin' is Becoming a Reality...

It's been a month and about 900 miles since I last wrote!

On Valentine's Day Adam and I traveled down the coast, and I moved into our apartment in Berkeley, California.

We're still sizing things up a bit.

I can't say that the transition was easy for me (did you see my tweets about ants and leaks and laundromats?). However, it's time to spring forward. I'm almost completely unpacked, I've memorized my new zip code, I no longer get all homesick and weepy when watching reruns of Grey's Anatomy, and I'm busting out my tank tops and getting acclimated to this absurdly warm weather. I'm not quite used to saying "I live in California," but...

Here we are.

I'm no longer decorating vicariously- I'm decorating, and I'm so excited to share my progress! 

More soon,


Edit: I had no idea when I wrote this post, but March 22nd was my one year anniversary of writing Shock the Bourgeois! Thanks to all of you for following along- and here's to another year of inspiration.

3 Have Spoken.:

Becca said...

YES! A real California-style update!

Jane Flanagan said...

Glad you're settling in! It takes time, but there are lots of good reasons for you to be happy!!

CopyStrands said...

Good luck with your new home. I had trouble with ants when I lived in San Francisco. Sorry to hear you did too. P.S. So sad our Zags didn't play well in their last game of the tournament :(