Tablescaping: Thanksgiving for Two

It was a special thrill to setting our table with my great-grandmother's napkins, sparkling new crystal, the china Adam and I found together in an antique shop, the handsome silverware that I first blogged about over two years ago, and white pumpkins left over from our wedding. It amused me to look at those two place settings and think that I could serve as many as twelve. I love the idea of having a big, noisy Thanksgiving at my house- maybe next year!

But this year I'm content to enjoy a quiet newlywed holiday. Today I'll walk down to the flower stand while my pie is in the oven. Tomorrow I'll light candles and pour two glasses of wine while Adam carves our cider-brined turkey. It's easy to see how much we have to be grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends. See you on Monday!



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