How the WarLocks Celebrate Halloween

Today I decided to  finally (begrudgingly) take down my Halloween decor and move on to Thanksgiving. Perhaps I should share first?

I didn't fully haunt the house this year, just a few subtle spooks here and there. After, all only our wicked cats were there to enjoy it. On Halloween weekend, on the most crisp and colorful Autumn evening you've ever seen, we donned costumes of a different kind for a little party...

That's us in the photo booth at our wedding reception!

We won't get our photographs until Christmastime, but a few teasers arrived in my inbox this morning. They were just enough to give resolution to the blur of joy that was our wedding day. Our love, and our labor of love. The designing, editing, crafting... all captured, along with the candid emotion of our beautiful friends and family. We did it. I feel triumphant. I can't wait to show you.

In the meantime,



PS: Be sure to visit the Shock the Bourgeois Facebook page for one last look at my Halloween decorating (and a glimpse of our wedding invites!).

5 Have Spoken.:

Mama Sarita said...

Glad to see the blog back in action. I love it! And congrats! Your dress was AMAZING!

Lisa said...

So glad you're back to blogging. I like the subtle Halloween decor. Often (in less creative/skilled hands) it becomes rather cheesy - but your version contains not a whiff of fromage anywhere.

I had that eyes/tears postcard hanging on my wall for years. I think I still have it packed away somewhere.

Congratulations on your beautiful wedding!

Jen said...

You're back, yay!! I missed reading you every morning. Congratulations to you and the Mister. You were a beautiful bride, and I'm looking forward to seeing more wedding pictures.

{ CopyStrands } said...

Congrats on your wedding, beautiful photo booth photos!

andrea despot said...

I'm now catching up on missed blogging for the past fe weeks! I did see this post before and thought I'd already commented but apparently not. Anyway, I love your Halloween decorations: creepy but classy. And I have that same Man Ray "Tears" postcard on my bulletin board above my desk :)