Happy Weekend

I'm taking a cue from Tildy-Cat and starting our weekend a bit early. Just practicing for our upcoming four-day holiday! It'll be a short week, but a full one. I need some opinions on a new decorating scheme (so get ready to comment and give a girl a hand!), and I'll show you how I'm tablescaping a Thanksgiving for two!



1 Have Spoken.:

andrea despot said...

Have a great weekend! I'd still love to hang out with you, but starting tomorrow I'll be working for the next seven days. My next day off is next Saturday and then I'll find out my schedule for the following week. Yuck. But! I'm making some money so I can't complain. Though I'm trying really hard to resist spending all the money that I'm making by taking advantage of the 40% discount I get (I'm working at Williams-Sonoma in case I didn't mention that before).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your weekend and your four-day weekend next week!