A Long Lost Sibling

Scanning through AT the other day, this picture caught my eye.

Image Courtesy of AT via Tocar Interior Design

What's that on the coffee table? A sculpture? A vase? An urn?

Recognize it now?

Did the light bulb go on in your brain?

It's the ceramic base of a vintage Chinoserie lamp... identical to the pair I bought on Craig's List and refurbished!

Separated at birth!

4 Have Spoken.:

Jenn from The Crystal Company said...

I love the look of this lamp. Great job!

ShockTheBourgeois said...

How amusing is this:

I scan a favorite blog and find yet another lamp twin!


Joslyn said...

that's crazy! i never knew what it was...found it at a vintage shop and stuck a candle in it ;-)

LOVE your lamp. nicely done!

denise, the prime magpie said...

Sending this post to my blogger friend Matte White, who loves all creamy dreamy finds to inspire her own home's style evolution. That lamp is beautiful -- what fantastic luck that you found identical versions on Craigslist! What a treasure trove that site is.