Hello Peeps, Howdy Sheeps

Hello Friends,

For those of you not following my increasingly frequent tweets (first step is admitting you have a problem, right?), I'm back from my little vacation. My Mom and I enjoyed four days in bucolic Blackfoot, Idaho, home of the world's largest potato, and also home to my maternal Grandparents, Minnie and Bud. All in all, a pretty potato-themed weekend: we ate some delicious baked Idaho spuds, we lounged on the couch for countless hours.

The sun setting over a neighbor's terrifyingly huge bison.

And I made some new friends...

My Sheeples.
Lemme tell you, having a whole flock of sheep run to you is a bit disconcerting the first time.

Got along particularly well with #5 here, who liked to snuggle...

Gosh darn irresistible, this lamby.

Taking a munch break.

#5, you lovey thing, you can come home with me anytime, as long as you can hold really, really still. Like

Wist-worthy sheep sculptures by Lalanne.

Nothing relaxes and diverts like a few days in Blackfoot. I think I'm completely caught up on the local gossip, and I think I'm completely caught up on sleep too!

After a jaunt to the country, nothing makes me happier than seeing the lights of downtown Seattle approaching. I'm a city girl through-and-through, but that doesn't mean I can't rock the urban cowgirl look, right?

My new spahkly long-horn shirt. Thank you Grandma!


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