Tablescaping at Mom's House

Hello friends! I've just returned from another whirlwind trip to Washington state. This time around I had a tasting, a basketball tournament, two photoshoots, and a brand new nephew- so I came home with a menu for the wedding, freckles, approximately 700 pictures, and a raging case of baby fever!

While I was home, I got to work up a tablescape with my Mom's beautiful array of dishes. Come on over to Maggie Rose and check it out!

I'll be back to regular posting tomorrow, and I've got a lot to show off: a newly blue bedroom, a totally vegan recipe, and a column concept I'm trying on...


Seeking Guest Posts!

Between creative gigs, wedding planning, a bachelorette party weekend, and actually going to the chapel (eee!), I'm going to be a busy girl this summer!

Image via Pinterest

I've got a cat-sitter lined up, but I need someone to watch over my blog. Would you like to be a guest blogger at Shock the Bourgeois? I'm now accepting submissions for posts to be featured while I'm off galavanting next month. 

Guest posts should...

  • Be original, not previously published elsewhere.
  • Stay consistent with the curious aesthetic of Shock the Bourgeois.
  • Include between one and five images (500 pixels wide, and properly credited).
Email your submissions to shockthebourgeois@mac.com. I can't wait to see what you come up with!


Etsy Treasury: Sweet Summer

Having an item from Rappaccini's Garden featured on an Etsy Treasury always makes my day- especially one so beautiful as this...

What an interesting balance of color, mossy green blending into aqua, with clusters of tiny pink flowers. And what a clever layout- just look at those two opposing vessels in the middle (I'm in love with the Mr. Darcy proposal mug!). Beyond the thoughtful arrangement, each image and item is lovely on its own (I added several to my favorites). The selection is romantic, but also refreshing- that would be a sweet summer, wouldn't it? I'm deeply flattered that my piece was included.

The Spring Green Bracelet is still available in the shop, and I'll be adding some summery new items later this afternoon...


Kitchen Chemistry: Beer Can Chicken & Potato Salad

Still wondering what to get Dad this Father's Day? How about a wishbone, a funny bone, a case of beer, and (best of all) leftovers? Here's a meal that truly commemorates dear old Dad...

I found fabulous instructions for Roasted Beer Can Chicken in Martha Stewart Living, which I followed almost exactly (though I substituted rosemary for thyme). As a side, I made up a pan of roasted red potatoes seasoned with olive oil, sprigs of rosemary, pepper, and rosemary salt for extra flavor.

Our chicken was a fairly tubby specimen, but he was still extremely stable on top of the beer can in the oven (I was surprised!). He took a little longer to cook than expected, so I basted several more times than Martha recommended. When done, the skin was crispy and the meat was tender. I'd been skeptical about using stout with white meat... but the Guinness flavor was so complimentary that I might never cook chicken without it again. I made Martha's gravy as well, but found it to be weak and unnecessary (don't bother with it!).

Just like Dad, this is a meal that gets better with age (har har). Though we did our very best to take down that dinner, we had two wings, six ounces of thigh meat, and a pound of potatoes leftover for the next day. I told Adam I wanted a delicious potato salad to take on a picnic, and he didn't disappoint. Here's what he came up with:

Combine the chicken (shredded or in chunks) and potatoes in a large bowl with a small diced onion and a quarter cup of chopped Italian parsley. In a smaller bowl, mix together about a half a cup of mayonaise, a quarter teaspoon of garlic powder, a half tablespoon of paprika, a tablespoon of cracked black pepper, a pinch of cayenne pepper, and a teaspoon of white truffle oil. Spoon this mixture over your chicken and potatoes and stir until well coated. Lastly, add one or two large dill pickles (diced, per your taste), two hardboiled eggs (diced), and salt (keeping in mind that the potatoes and chicken are already salted and may not need much more).

The result is a mouthwateringly zesty salad that pairs well with (what else?) a velvety Guinness.

Happy Father's Day, and Happy Weekend!




You're Invited...

Remember that new Tablescaping column I introduced? I'm pleased to announce a change of venue: it will now be hosted at Maggie Rose! Today I'm setting the table for a summer escape, and of course you're invited. Come on over!

I'm thrilled to be contributing to my friend Maggie's beautiful blog (and I hope you'll stop by and join the party!)

If you're in need of tablescaping inspiration, email me at shockthebourgeois@mac.com!


Dare to Dream: In the Stars

I'd so love to have this piece on my wall, for stargazing on cloudy nights.  

Andromeda by Toshiyuki Enoki

I don't suppose I have any Japanese-speaking readers who'd visit the Toshiyuki Enoki blog and tell me more about the artist (or better yet, tell me how to acquire a print)?


Find: A Handsome Rogue

We only sprang for two items at the June Alameda Flea, but it was by far our heaviest haul yet. I carted this metal horseman statuette home...

He's in rough shape and missing a few of his accessories (a rope, the horse's reins, and a short sword, judging by this example, or an unfortunate coat of paint a la this guy), but I think he's still quite a dapper fellow. He and his steed will make a handsome addition to our decor.

Our other find (also quite a hunk of metal) needs a little tweaking (and perhaps some rewiring) before it makes its debut on the blog. I'm looking forward to making a trip to the hardware store for this project!

I'm sharing other things that caught my eye on the Shock the Bourgeois facebook page today. Did you go flea marketing or thrifting this weekend? Share your finds on the StB Wall!


Wicked Plants

Last Christmas I was lucky enough to get a signed copy of Wicked Plants, a fascinating tome that grafts together some of my favorite topics: history, horticulture... and murderous intrigue!

Wicked Plants has been a major inspiration for some jewelry pieces to be debuting soon at my Etsy shop. After all, Rappaccini's Garden is named for a gothic tale about... you guessed it, a deadly flower. Since I've loved the book, I'm excited to see how the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers has brought it to life with their current exhibit...

There could be no better place to display these alluring poisons than the Conservatory with its dramatic Victorian stylings. The exhibit runs until October, but I'm scheming to visit this weekend. Between this, the Yellow Owl Workshop book signing tomorrow, and the rescheduled Alameda Flea Market on Sunday... my weekend (and my camera's memory card) should be quite full!

Hope your weekend is just as delightful!




Wedding Inspiration: Dusty Lace

What says romance better than the delicate touch of lace? I love it especially in muted gray and shyly blushing pink, looking very much like a "something old."


Who's That Lady?

This lady has quite a presence. Pensive, a little moody, and not just filler for a blank wall. Does anyone know the artist?

First image via Shaun Smith Home, second unknown


Here & Now: Simple Pleasures

Thank goodness for Friday, an end to a mean little week, a series of pesky disappointments, and (for my poor fiancé) a nasty bout of food poisoning. There's often a simple cure for what ails you. For Adam, a day of sleep and soup. For me, feeling low and uninspired, $10 and some fresh air. I walked up to our neighborhood farmer's market and bought asparagus and a peach (the first of the season), an iced latte from Peets, and a single stem from my friend at the flower stand. By the time I got home, the stings of the week had faded. Today we both feel much better.

I know what you're thinking, dear readers. "Wait a second, Elizabeth- what's that in the picture? Your sofa isn't leather, or wingbacked, or tufted, or trimmed in brass nailheads!" Very true. My old couch was sadly none of the above.

Meet our new couch. It's a beauty. And I plan on spending my Friday in its embrace with cats, coffee, and magazines by my side, watching my peony unfurl. 




About Time for Summer

Here in the Bay we've got flip-flopping weather, but not flip-flop weather. Get it together, June, it's about time for a bright pedicure and new sandals to show it off!

Photograph via PinterestDolce Vita Dress from Ruche via Pinterest, Whitney Smith Pottery photographed by StB, Essie Nail Polish in Super Bossa Nova, Seychelles Chirp Sandals from Piperlime

You know the weather is rotten when even I, the black turtleneck devotee, am craving pastels and pink. Is it raining where you are too?