Tablescaping: An Ode to Sunflowers

Hello friends...

With just over two months to go until my wedding, the stress has finally hit me. So much to do, and (unbelievably) so little time. For the last week I've been cranking the letterpress and assembling invitations. I've had absolutely no energy for cranking out blog posts as well!

However, today you can find me over at Maggie Rose, showing you how my dining table looked *before* it was taken over with paper and inks and snippets of this and that.

Click the picture to see my full post at Maggie Rose!

Back soon (I hope).




The Lockhart's Trove

I spotted something with my name on it at the Imm Living sale at Joss and Main today- a Lockhart's Trove! Done in white ceramic, these whimsical padlock-and-key themed coin banks have an heirloom quality that I admire...

While I'm awfully fond of the scrolling patterns of the smaller bank, the larger version has proven too perfect to pass up. A Lockhart's Trove emblazoned with a stately leo is going to be a rather fitting gift-to-self for this Lockhart born in August!

Images by Imm Living via Joss & Main

As frivolous as the object may appear, the notion of symbolically and ceremoniously saving money resonates with me. Perhaps it will help me put away pennies for the larger purchases I dare-to-dream of?


On Birthdays & WarLock Weddings

My, what a busy few weeks I've had. In addition to a successful dress fitting (it zipped!), a cake tasting, a Basque barbecue, a friend's beautiful wedding, and time in Spokane and Seattle with people who are so very dear to me.... I also went back to Gonzaga and got my MRS!

I've been calling myself an October bride, and that's still true- but when the Jesuit priest who'd advised us (and tolerated our antics) through our college years wasn't available for the Autumn wedding, we knew we'd have to make a special arrangement. So, on July 23rd, Adam and I had a sweet and simple ceremony at St. Michael's chapel at Gonzaga. We said our I-Dos with our immediate families there to support us, made a nostalgic visit to the Honors house, and had a marvelous dinner at the restaurant where we worked together. It was, in every way, personal and significant and absolutely beautiful.

We're thinking of this ceremony as one part of a larger event, so although we're square with the Church & State, I don't think we'll feel married until we've exchanged rings in front of friends and family on October 29th. We're not even making it "facebook official" yet! But, regardless of how married I feel, I know I've got the sweetest husband in the world. Today is my birthday, and he's given me a gift that I'll always keep near my heart.

I am, truly, the luckiest girl.

PS: These, and many more pictures are posted on facebook... enjoy!

Tablescaping for an Impromptu Occasion

Hello my friends... I'm back from my Summer adventures and (though absolutely exhausted) eager to make up for lost time on the blog- so you, lucky readers, get two posts today! First up, you can find me at Maggie Rose with a tablescape that makes the most of an inexpensive bouquet...

My arrangement of spider mums has been an appropriately festive touch, because we have much to celebrate in the WarLock household. For one thing, today is my birthday (not that 26 merits any particular excitement), and for another... Adam and are officially married! Between those two items, I have plenty to talk about in my second post today. Check back later for some pretty pictures of our little ceremony (the "Part One" of our wedding festivities) and the lovely gift my fellow gave me today.