300th Post!

Indeed, this is the 300th post on Shock the Bourgeois! I have to type this rather sheepishly, as a blogger who has neglected her readers for two weeks...

From flitting between wedding appointments in rainy Seattle to flickering power in stormy Berkeley, March has blown the blog off course. It's been a productive month for the wedding and my design projects, but today's clear skies and clear schedule were a welcome relief! Finally, time to edit photos and wade through my inbox. To those of you who emailed such sentiments as, "I am having blog withdrawl!  FIX!!!" please allow this to serve as my response: I'm back, I promise!

Yes, the butterfly is real. I found him outside my apartment, unable to fly and looking bedraggled on a particularly wet and fiercely windy morning. I haven't seen any other swallowtail butterflies yet, so perhaps he too was blown off course by this wild Spring weather. I had a Stephen Maturin moment (nerd alert!) and brought him in, where he seemed content to sit on my hand and be photographed. The last picture, however, was all the bug's idea. As unnerving as it was to have a giant insect suddenly decide to climb up my hair and perch, I suppose I can't complain about how it turned out.

Tomorrow I'll be truly back to blogging with an honest-to-goodness decor post: my new naturalist themed art arrangement, as inspired by this butterfly!

3 Have Spoken.:

Wonder Russell said...

Happy 300th post and what a beautiful theme - a butterfly! xo

Andrea Krummel said...

i love the butterfly pictures! and welcome back to blogging! glad you had a clear day - i was in san francisco last week and the first day there was just awful: raining, cold, windy, my umbrella turning inside out, my shoes completely soaked.

as my first trip to san francisco, i was pretty pissed off and decided i hated it, lol. but i bought some rain-boots the next day and of course it didn't rain too bad the rest of the week.

and i completely fell in love with the city... i really can't wait to move there now!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks ladies!

Andrea... I'm sorry you're missing today's weather in the Bay- 80ยบ and gloriously sunny. If you fell in love with a rainy SF, just wait until you see it on a day like this!