Dare to Dream: Embracing My Inner Goth

I have an intense fascination for all things mysterious and macabre: cats, laboratories, Arthur Rackham illustrations, fairy stories, crows, skulls, and woods that are lovely, dark, and deep.  

Oh, how I long for a shadowy corner to lurk in, reading Wuthering Heights.  I curse thee, buttercup yellow walls and no-paint lease agreement!

The dusky gray! *Swoon*

I love furniture and decor that looks like it could spring to life and scurry around at any moment.  These fiendish candlesticks at Jayson Home & Garden have captured my heart, but alas, they are quite out of my price range.

Can't you imagine them scuttling across the table?

Several months back I spotted the "Elysian Fields" wallpaper from Flavor Paper... and it has cast a spell on me. While at first glance it's just another prim & pink, sparrows & roses print, a closer look reveals a sinister twist:

Bats hunting amongst venus fly traps!

Imagine this in a little powder room... like my very own garden of good and evil.  Beautiful and utterly dangerous, very Rappaccini's Daughter.

And the object of my deepest desires?  The Rejuvenation Lighting "Drake" Pendant.  

The coiled serpent, the gleaming brass!

Just looking at it makes me grin wickedly and cackle with glee.  Someday, this bat will hover in the entry of my manor. (Someday, when I am really, really rich.)

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Anonymous said...


Elizabeth said...

Hey Anonymous: thanks ever-so-much for gracing my humble blog with your thought-provoking commentary. Too bad you didn't leave a calling card, I'd love to return the favor.

Unknown said...

I totally relate to your "buttercup walls no paint lease agreement." I went ahead and painted my bedroom anyway because I just *could not* live with the putrid pastel green that was there originally. So far the building manager hasn't said anything. I am getting up the courage to paint the living room a smoky grey.

Elizabeth said...

Lucy: Good for you! I stand in admiration of your courage. I thought about doing the same, but I was overwhelmed by the scope of the project. My entire flat is two colors- pale yellow and a truly vomitous green. Blegh!

Also, go for the grey!! Grey is so gorgeous on walls- it changes with the sunlight, it doesn't overwhelm the other colors of your decor, it's extremely versatile... plus it's got an irresistible moody quality.