Flea Market Resolutions

Adam and I are taking one last day off, not so much for vacation, but rather for everything that we avoided during our vacation. There are two cats overdue for a bath, two stockings waiting to be tucked away until next year, what looks like two weeks worth of mess to tackle, and two people who need to get a good night's sleep before returning to work tomorrow.

Why are we yawning? Well, we may have procrastinated on chores, but we got an early start on our resolutions. Very, very early. We watched the first sunrise of 2012 as we arrived at the flea market! I wrote about my goals for a new year of antiquing in this month's issue of The Point, the official magazine for the Alameda Point Antiques Faire.  

It is awfully fun to see my photographs on glossy paper! If you couldn't pick up a copy at the Flea, you can access the digital version of The Point here

We added some choice vintage prints to our ever-growing pile of loot (both scavenged and gifted) that has yet to be shared on this blog. If the sun comes out today, I'll add a photo shoot to my to-do list. Right after my nap.

Happy New Year, friends.

2 Have Spoken.:

kelly said...

Hope that you two crossed everything off your to-do lists! Happy New Year!

Elizabeth said...

Kelly... We made some good progress! Happy New Year to you as well :D