The Lockhart's Trove

I spotted something with my name on it at the Imm Living sale at Joss and Main today- a Lockhart's Trove! Done in white ceramic, these whimsical padlock-and-key themed coin banks have an heirloom quality that I admire...

While I'm awfully fond of the scrolling patterns of the smaller bank, the larger version has proven too perfect to pass up. A Lockhart's Trove emblazoned with a stately leo is going to be a rather fitting gift-to-self for this Lockhart born in August!

Images by Imm Living via Joss & Main

As frivolous as the object may appear, the notion of symbolically and ceremoniously saving money resonates with me. Perhaps it will help me put away pennies for the larger purchases I dare-to-dream of?

2 Have Spoken.:

silvii tron said...

The locks are really nice and have beautiful designs. Although with easy access, I think they would be wasted on me, unless I give the key to my boyfriend, less I be tempted to spend it before it's full!

Veronica said...

Hi Elizabeth!

I'm a new reader to your blog (but I've now read back quite a few entries- I love your style!), and I just had to called something totally unrelated to your attention:

Have you seen the Say Yes to the Dress episode called "Changes & Challenges" where the bride, who is getting married on Halloween, gets a gorgeous white dress with black lace at the top and bottom? She actually looked similar to your photos, but even more, she seemed to have a very, very similar sense of style (a nice balance of pretty and macabre). I had to rewind to hear that her name was Stacy and not Elizabeth!

In case you're curious, here's the dress: http://mscatalysta.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/Romona-Keveza-11220-AltPic-10339-large.jpg

Congrats on your marriage and thanks for the amazing blog!