A DIY Borrowed from Maggie Rose

A while back Maggie posted a tutorial for beautifying a bulletin board, and I was inspired. Bulletin board? Check. Extra fabric? Check. Tacks? Check. 20 minutes to spare? Check!

Mine didn't turn out as beautifully as Maggie's did, as I used plain old tacks instead of handsome brass upholstery nails (and I won't even pretend that I spaced them evenly), but now it complements my color scheme!

I thought I'd show it off since it's currently costumed for Halloween...

Thanks to Maggie for the great idea and instructions!

Did anyone else dress up their inspiration board for Halloween?

1 Have Spoken.:

Maggie Rose said...

I love it! And the tacks look just fine and add a nice glimmer to the dark fabric.

Mine is finally collecting some of my all-time favorite tear sheets. I'm too fussy with the layout to change it up for holidays :)