Our First Christmas Tree!

After 5 Christmases spent moving, traveling, in tiny apartments, or in separate states, Adam and I finally got to bring home our very own tree. We chose a noble fir that's just my size. Really- just over 5 feet tall! We tucked it into a formerly dark corner of our kitchen & dining room, where it can be appreciated from all over the apartment. Doesn't it sparkle?

We haven't yet acquired any sentimental ornaments, but luckily I had a stash of simple bulbs purchased at post-holiday sales- small and gold, vibrant chartreuse, and huge crackled silver. Instead of hanging them with wire, I used little snippets of green and lavender ribbon to add more color to the tree. Sprigs of glittery leaves catch the light, and acrylic crystals are a glamorous (yet cat-safe!) adornment. I topped off our tree with a curious pair of wintry owls.

I might shop for a few collectible ornaments to add as we get closer to Christmas, but for now the tree is decorated entirely in things I already owned. Affordable, easy, and a perfect fit for my existing color palette!

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K-Q-T said...

This is lovely!
How would you decorate a two foot tree that is happily standing on top of a butcher block/kitchen cart? I've lit the tree in small white lights, but feel blocked as to where I should go from there. Do you have ideas or recommendations for mini-trees?

Elizabeth said...

K-Q-T... Oooh, tiny tree! I really love using garland, either something beaded that sparkles, or something floral that has bright berries or leaves. That could help fill out your tree if it doesn't have many branches. If you need small-scale ornaments, try Target for inexpensive bulbs (they usually have fun colors). For fun ornaments, look around your house, because I bet you have something fabulous. Sparkly jewelry, scarves, cookie cutters, ribbons, photographs hung with clips? Let me know what you come up with!

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Diane aka your Mom said...

Sentimental ornaments? I can mail you all your childhood Muffy and other treasured collectible tree decorations! ;-}

Lori said...

And I can send Adam's too. Already have them boxed up!


Elizabeth said...

To the Moms... Uh oh, looks like we'll have to get a bigger tree next year!