Inspired Buy

I bought myself a little present, inspired by the delightful "E" I posted earlier this week...

The sculptural, scrolling door grille reminded me of the Iron Floral Cookbook Stand at Wisteria, a pretty thing that I'd long ago put on my wish list. It's an uncanny match, but here's where it really gets weird: the day I bought it, it was 50% off! Meant to be, I think.

It doesn't just prettify my kitchen, it holds the largest of my cookbooks and keeps the pages from getting mussed when I'm trying out a messy new recipe. Just the thing for a aesthete/foodie/bibliophile like myself.

Next week I'll be in Seattle to meet with florists, catch up with my Matron of Honor, and get fitted for my wedding dress! I promise to tweet all about my wedding planning adventures in Seattle, but I've also got a slew of posts in queue, starting with my recipe for Bacon Jam shortbread. You read right, bacon-lovers, Bacon Jam shortbread. Happy weekend!

4 Have Spoken.:

K-Q-T said...

If you have a free window to meet for coffee - I'll be there! Otherwise, enjoy the planning trip and bring some sunshine with you!

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Gorgeous! Congrats!
It was clearly meant to be ;)
Good luck next week -- how exciting!
Cheers, Alcira


andrea despot said...

beautiful! and so meant to be. i love when that happens :)

Maggie said...

I desperately need a new cookbook stand, but it's one of those things you can almost always shrug off as frivolous or move down on the list of ways to spend your money - unless, of course, you find it at 50% off! So now you have me thinking again.

I actually wanted to write just to say that you have fabulous taste in cookbooks. The two pictured here are two of my absolute favorites! I date everything in Gourmet Today and am committed to cooking it all one day.